Simple Backyard Wedding Ideas for a Small Wedding

by Tiffany

A small backyard wedding can still be beautiful and the wedding of your dreams if you plan ahead and use original ideas to make your wedding exactly as you want. Here are some simple backyard wedding ideas for brides who want a small get-together and don’t mind doing a lot of it yourself.

Small Backyard Wedding Ideas to Fit Your Personality        

Just because you are having a small backyard wedding, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t go all out and make it exactly like you want it. Even if you are only inviting 25 guests you can still put your personality into the wedding with things like a unique theme, a unique menu or some special twist on your wedding ceremony.

Simple backyard Wedding Ideas

Don’t be afraid to still have a theme to your wedding. Your wedding theme can be just about anything but for a simple backyard wedding, you could always go with a practical garden or outdoors theme. You could also choose a theme that fits yours and your fiance’s personalities or interests. This works well because it is a small, intimate wedding where most people will appreciate the theme more because they know you and your significant other so well.

Another way that you can add in some personality is with your menu for your wedding reception. You could always have the main course be yours and your fiancé’s favorite meal or have it catered by your favorite restaurant if it is a really small wedding. This is a simple touch that makes your wedding more unique to you.

DIY Backyard Wedding Ideas for Your Small Affair

A lot of brides who have a small backyard wedding often want to save money, which is why they do a lot of the work themselves or have family and friends help. If this sounds like something you are interested there are a lot of DIY ideas that can make your wedding day perfect.

First, you can make your own wedding invitations or make them online and print them yourself. There are several online invitation places that will allow you to do this and this can save you a ton of money and you don’t have to be a professional designer to have beautiful initiations. Check out Invitations by Dawn for invitation kits that cost half of what normal wedding invitations cost becuase you can print them out at your home.

When it comes to a DIY backyard wedding, you want to utilize your space and nature as well as possible. Spruce up the trees and shrubs that you already have so that they are more appealing. Plant more flowers if an area of the backyard is lacking in color. You can find very pretty annual flowers that won’t cost you a lot of money but can definitely make a difference in the appearance of your yard. When planning out where you will get married and where you will eat and mingle with guests, be sure that you do look at what your yard already looks like. For example, a covered patio or a brick walkway may make a huge difference in planning out your wedding space. A brick pathway could easily be your aisle for your ceremony while a covered patio could be used as area to serve food or have guests eat.

When it comes to a small backyard wedding, you can easily make the food for your wedding and still impress your guests. Enlist the help of the cooks in your family such as your grandma, mom and anyone else who is willing to help your prepare the food. You can even whip out the grill and have a grill master serving up food. This is a great way to save money and put your own spin on your simple wedding.

Simple backyard Wedding Ideas

Create a “welcome” sign for your wedding guests. You can take two pieces of wood and construct them into a standing pyramid (think sandwich board design) and use paint to write your message on the board. You can place it at the end of your driveway so no pulls into your driveway and it’s a nice welcoming message to your guests. On the front you could simply write “Welcome to the Wedding of…” and then on the back you write a goodbye message like “Thank you for sharing this day with us.”

All of the décor for your small backyard wedding can be done yourself and you don’t have to sacrifice your style. There are so many ideas for centerpieces, lighting, and other décor items that can be done yourself and they don’t cost a fortune. For example, a simple summer wedding in your backyard could have fruit centerpieces on the tables. Look for nice glass vases or pitchers at a craft or outlet store and place lemons and limes in them, or you could do different colored apples for a fall wedding.

Tablecloths and other lines can easily be purchased at a craft or fabric store and then made into runners or tablecloths. This can save you money over renting these items. You can also use these fabrics to decorate for your wedding by hanging them over trees or using them to cover benches or seats as well.

When it comes to small backyard wedding ideas you don’t have to sacrifice your style and personality. In fact with a small wedding at your home it may just be a lot easier for your style and personality to really shine through. Get creative and don’t be afraid to DIY and you can have the perfect wedding of your dreams right in your own backyard.

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