Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas

by Tiffany

If your dream is to have a backyard BBQ wedding there are so many different ideas that you can implement to make your special day even more special. When it comes to BBQs, everyone has their different ideas of what a BBQ really is. For some people it’s simple cooking on the grill and having a picnic while for other people it is much more than that and is a way of life with some smoked and barbecued food along with sharing memories with close friends and family.

Depending on where you are from and what you envision for your BBQ wedding reception you may or may not like all or some of the ideas below, but hopefully they can help set you in the right direction for your wedding day.

backyard BBQ wedding ideas

Backyard BBQ Wedding Ideas for Simple Folks

This type of wedding can be extravagant in nature or really simple. If you are looking for a simple wedding, then it shouldn’t be that hard. You may just need to enlist the help of your friends and family and your wedding day may be all planned before you know it.

A simple theme for a BBQ wedding could simply be a southern charm or an outdoor picnic. You could have picnic themed place settings with red gingham fabric and then have different picnic baskets filled with flowers placed around the wedding area.

For the wedding food, think about simple BBQ foods like grilled or smoked chicken, ribs, and pulled pork. You can add to the main entrée with side dishes like macaroni salad, macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, and coleslaw. If you are looking to save money you could easily have someone in your family make these foods or help you make them the night before or if you have the money, have your favorite BBQ place cater the food for you.

When it comes to beverages for your BBQ wedding reception, you can give your guests a few different drinks to choose from. Things like sweet tea, lemonade, and water can be the non-alcoholic choices while your favorite beer and a mixed drink like a mint julep can be your alcoholic choices, if you are having them.

Backyard BBQ Wedding Favors

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Backyard BBQ Wedding Decorations

Even though you are having a barbecued themed wedding, you still want your wedding to be classy and special. You don’t it to look like your guests are headed to their local BBQ joint (unless you are having a completely informal wedding and that is what you really want).

Backyard BBQ wedding

There are plenty of decorations that you can make or buy for cheap for your backyard BBQ wedding. For example you could have mason jars as glasses instead of regular glassware. You can also use other mason jars as centerpieces and decorations on the table by placing wild flowers in them or water and decorative rocks. You can even get small tea lights and place them in the jars filled with water so they also provide some extra light at night.

Another decoration idea is to use baskets or vases found at flea markets or consignment shops and use them for decorations. If they don’t match, that’s even better because you want the unique feel for each individual decoration. You can fill them with inexpensive wild flowers or whatever flower of choice you want for your wedding.

If you want a bit of a country touch to your wedding, purchase some hay pales or even large metal washtubs for the décor. You can plant some flowers in the washtubs or use them for drinks as well. Place the hay bales around the perimeter of the reception area or around certain areas like the food tables and the dance floor area.

This type of wedding doesn’t just have to have a BBQ theme. You can go several different ways with it such as being a little fancier with a vintage/southern charm feel or you can go more casual with a cowboy theme or a picnic theme. When you choose one of these wedding themes you can then plan your decorations more around what exactly you are trying to get with your wedding, whether it be super casual and have a tex-mex or country theme or have it still be casual with a southern charm feel to it.

No two backyard BBQ weddings are going to look the same since each bride is going to have their own unique style. Remember this when it comes to wedding planning and be sure to include you and your groom’s style and personality into your wedding.

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